As we come closer to the start of a new academic year, operations are commencing in full swing to prep our school hallways and classrooms. Teachers and administrators rush around during this busy time of year, attending to everything from classroom decorations to professional development.

But hanging posters isn’t the only thing that Nashville schools need to do to get ready for the upcoming year. They also have to focus on important matters, like safety.

One smart change we can make to improve the safety of school campuses in Nashville is installing security window film. By using security window film in a deliberate, strategic manner, Nashville schools can protect students from dangerous situations, and keep campuses safe.

How Can Window Film Improve School Security?

When one thinks of school safety, window film is probably the last thing that comes to mind. We picture security guards, metal detectors, alarms, and all sorts of things, but not window film. While it may come as a surprise, window films are one of the most effective security solutions a school can invest in.

These thick, durable films make it hard for dangerous intruders and weather to infiltrate school entrances and classrooms. The super strong film makes glass more flexible, so it has more give, which prevents it from shattering immediately upon impact. They can cause a significant delay to break-in attempts and also keep occupants safe from window-blown debris.

Where to Install Security Window Film in Your School

Here are some places you can install security window film in your Nashville school to make your campus safer:

  • Front office entrances and side entrances
  • First floor windows
  • Science lab windows
  • Gymnasium windows
  • Computer lab windows and entrances
  • Windows near drinking fountains
  • Bathroom and locker room windows
  • By adding security window film, you can make your school a safer place for everyone – including students, staff, and visitors.

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