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Elevator Graffiti Removal And Prevention In Nashville

Elevator graffiti is rampant across the country and right here in Nashville is no exception. Every year, graffiti removal costs commercial property owners and taxpayers millions of dollars–especially in elevators, where a single panel can cost hundreds of dollars. Sadly, even after costly repairs, the elevators are often vandalized due to their closed off nature.

Elevator graffiti remediation has traditionally been done by removing all the affected metal panels and replacing it with new ones. This is extremely expensive and very time-consuming. However, an alternative to full elevator panel replacement is to instead, have anti-graffiti film applied over the damage to mask it rather than removing the panel itself. Anti-graffiti film is 10x less expensive ($1500 as opposed to $15,000). It is also easy to remove and reapply and most times is finished in as little as one day.


What Is Anti-Graffiti Film?

As mentioned above, anti-graffiti film is a 6-mil thick graffiti prevention film that is installed over a defaced stainless steel surfaces. When the damage is done by paint, acid or scratches, anti-graffiti film can cover it and it matches the look of the metal perfectly. The best part is, once installed, anti-graffiti film acts as a sacrificial layer on your elevator’s panel. Should vandalism occur again, the anti-graffiti film is simply removed and replaced at a much lower cost, and with less downtime than full panel replacement. At Nashville Window Film, we also carry additional films to protect a variety of other flat surfaces that could be at risk of vandalism like mirrors or glass. If you have a graffiti problem, be sure to ask us about all of our anti-graffiti products.

Don’t let vandals cost you vast sums of money year in and year out. Protect your property and your profit with the cost-effective elevator refinishing method.

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