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HD Clear: A Decorative Window Film That Gives You The Very Highest Definition

HD Clear decorative window film is printed in very high definition, as implicated by the name. As a result, windows with HD Clear graphics applied to them turn are not just decorative–rather beautiful statement pieces that grab people’s attention. It is these cutting-edge graphics that make HD Clear a leader in the window film industry for color, clarity, and style. They offer a huge variety of permanent or temporary films–making them the best choice for anyone looking for the very best graphic film resolution.

The Science Behind HD Clear Decorative Window Films

HD Clear is a clear polyester film (PET). This is unique printing process which makes use of both CMYK inks and white inks. The ink is applied in layers which results in a graphic that is viewable from one or both sides. Most other graphic films are one-sided and cannot match the dramatic high definition of HD Clear. A durable and glare-free film, HD Clear is second to none and engineered to outperform and outlast traditional vinyl graphic applications on flat glass surfaces.

The Benefits Of HD Clear High Definition Graphic Window Film

There simply are no other decorative films on the market with the versatility, strength, and selection of HD Clear Films.

The Benefits of HD Clear Films include:

Bold colors custom printed color in (CMYK)
Unlimited translucency and opacity
100% optical clarity in the unprinted areas
Highly durability due to scratch resistant coating
100% customizable images, patterns or gradients
10-year warranty for flat glass applications

When looking for a bold decorative film that will turn heads and grab attention, while also outlasting traditional vinyl graphic applications, HD Clear Custom Decorative Window Film is the right choice.

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