No Secured Building In Nashville Is Truly Secure Without Nano-technology

Secured buildings have become the norm and are all around us here in Nashville. They are secured, as you would probably guess, to keep the people inside safe from harm. Whether that harm is in the form of a robbery, a terrorist attack from a lone gunman, secured buildings are meant to protect from maximum threats with the minimum amount of damage. Security features on these secure Nashville buildings vary but one feature that is prominent and that should be part of your secured building is bullet resistant and bomb-resistant glass through the application of security window films.

“Regardless of film or adhesive, no window is 100% bulletproof or bombproof. However, windows treated with C-bond and high-performance security films can withstand high-velocity projectiles, a variety of caliber of bullets and many magnitudes of bombs.”

Most window films we carry offer an added layer of security just by virtue of having a window film over them. However, when it comes to truly secured buildings, the next level of security window film is something that must be in place to ensure maximum safety. At Nashville Window Film, we offer the latest and greatest in security window films and adhesives, and the real workhorse–C-bond adhesive. When it comes to high security, C-bond adhesive works on a molecular level and offers the highest performance safety windows for your secured Nashville building.

Other popular window films for Nashville secured buildings include anti-graffiti window films, energy efficient window tint, and glare reducing films.

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