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Places of learning, elementary school, community college or private university alike, require an environment that is conducive to paying attention. In order for students to fully grasp the complex concepts being taught, they must in a distraction-free environment, in which they are able to focus. This is one do the reasons window tint makes such a great addition to schools. Window tints, especially Low-E window films, balance out temperature, keep out glare off of students and make for a classroom free from the annoying distractions of the sun. Studies show, students in classes with less glare and more even temperatures retained more knowledge and had better overall comprehension. They also experience less absenteeism. Finally, window tinting reduces glare on computer screens which are now in nearly every classroom in the US.

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Window Film Gives Nashville Schools Greater Security Than Ever Before

University and schools are places of higher learning and needed for the advancement as a society. Sadly, they are also frequent targets of gun violence. In order to have a truly safe school in this day and age, the glass windows and doors must be protected from bullets, bombs, and intruders. Schools hold some of the most vulnerable people in our society–our children, which is why school administrators need to consider security films. These high-tech films mitigate the damage done by a school shooter or bomb. While there is no such thing as a “bulletproof” window, our specially engineered films and adhesives here at Nashville Window Film, make it very difficult to penetrate the glass in a reasonable amount of time. They also can also cut down on collateral damage from glass flying around and injuring students and teachers.

Other popular window films for Nashville schools include anti-graffiti films (especially for bathroom mirrors), energy efficient films and decorative window film as a means of showing school pride.

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