As a homeowner with wood flooring here in the Nashville, you see fading from the sun firsthand. So you probably already know what an expensive problem it can be. If you have ever had your hardwood floors re-done, you know exactly how much time and money you need to throw at them to get them looking good again. Therefore, preventing the fading of your Nashville floors should, and likely already is, a high priority for you. Solutions like shades and curtains are somewhat helpful but the fact of the matter is sunlight still gets through and you lose the lovely natural light and stunning Tennessee views. Which begs the question– how do you protect your floors from sun bleaching and your carpets from fading without using curtains or blinds? Window film is the answer and it is simpler and more cost-effective than you may think.

Why Wood Floors and Carpets Get Bleached From The Sun

The biggest threat to your hardwood floors is sunlight. Specifically, it is the ultraviolet (UV) rays within that light are the largest contributor to the bleaching of your wood flooring or carpets. The term for this process is–photodegradation. This is when UV light breaks down fabrics, wood and other materials on the molecular level.

How To Keep UV Rays From Destroying Your Wood Floors And Furnishings

Some glass windows may block up to 75% of UV rays but that leaves another 25% working to destroy your furnishings all day, every day. If your windows don’t already have glass that blocks some UV rays that means you will need to replace them to get protection. But window replacement is expensive, costing, on average, $700 per windows. That is a lot of money and could cost you more than you floor. Window film is significantly cheaper and blocks 99.9% of the harmful UV rays streaming through your Nashville home. It is like sunblock for your floors–the equivalent of SPF 1000. This means your floors, carpets, leather furnishings, and artwork are all protected against photodegradation–at a fraction of the cost of window replacement. It is also less expensive than replacing carpet and refinishing floors! Best of all, UV blocking window film preserves your lovely Tennessee views and allows in the natural light too!

For more information on window film to protect your Nashville wood floors, carpets and more, contact us today at Nashville Window Film for pricing on UV blocking window films.