Nashville commercial properties have to deal with higher crime rates like many other large cities throughout our nation. Many of these commercial properties do luckily have security systems, security cameras, and sometimes even security personnel. These security measures definitely offer a multitude of different benefits for commercial properties, but they, unfortunately, can fall short when it comes to certain circumstances. Ballistic resistant window film delivers a cost-effective solution that can save lives, reduce the risk of injury, and offer peace of mind for Nashville commercial properties.

Benefits of Ballistic Resistant Window Film for Your Nashville Commercial Property

Ballistic resistant window film is a specialty security film system that’s comprised of a glass strengthening agent, attachment system, and multiple layers of security film. This unique, innovative window film secures the most vulnerable areas of any building offer ballistic resistance in addition to protection against other high impact events. Ballistic resistant window film is actually the closest thing available to bulletproof glass! Defend your Nashville property from natural disasters, explosions, break-ins, burglaries, freak accidents, and more. By absorbing the shockwave of high impact events, the added flexibility and strength of your glass bonds broken glass fragments together. Building occupants and property valuables will be safeguarded from broken glass and flying debris hazards, the leading causes of blast-related death and severe injury.

Nashville Window Film: Bomb Blast Test with Armorcoat Safety Film from Nashville Window Film on Vimeo.

Installation Process for Ballistic Resistant Window Film in Nashville Commercial Properties

The pricing for ballistic resistant window film is based on many factors– the size of the project, materials, and labor. For an accurate project estimate, we recommend contacting us for a free consultation. Nashville Window Film is happy to help you find strategic installation locations in order to get the most out of your security film investment.

For more information regarding ballistic resistant window film for your Nashville commercial property, please contact us!