Nashville is definitely seeing more and more skyscrapers and high rise buildings throughout the city. As more of these property types are being built, residents may be noticing the increase of bird fatalities from flying into these new construction high rises. Unfortunately this epidemic is very common throughout the nation and world– around one billion years die every year from unknowingly flying into high rise buildings. These incidents are usually accompanied by high maintenance expenses and undesirable cleaning needs. Bird strike prevention film provides an effective solution that lowers costs while saving bird lives.

Benefits of Bird Strike Prevention Film for Your Nashville High Rise Building

Bird strike prevention film is specially engineered specifically so that birds can see your building while flying through the air. Commonly, high rise buildings can appear very reflective or have optically clear windows, misleading birds into flying into them and ultimately killing them. These incidents can be upsetting for employees or building guests to witness, lowering productivity within your Nashville office or business. Bird strike prevention film promotes better productivity and eliminates undesired cleanup. Additionally, your expensive glass windows won’t be damaged once you install this specialty architectural film leading to less replacement and maintenance costs.

Installation Process for Bird Strike Prevention Film in Nashville High Rise Buildings

Nashville Window Film delivers superior bird strike prevention films that feature a multitude of different aesthetics and decals. Subtle to the human eye, Nashville property owners can find the right look for their building without compromising curb appeal. We provide speedy, worry-free installation processes and guarantee there will be no unnecessary operational downtime for your high rise building. Our window film experts utilize leading glass primers and strengtheners for all window film projects.

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