When homeowners and business owners decide to invest in window film for their Nashville property, it’s always a good idea to ask questions. With any investment, the more you know the better-informed decision you can make. Since window film is most commonly known for its solar heat rejection capabilities, one of our most frequently asked questions is if window film can be applied on the outside. Window film is typically installed on the inside of windows, but certain window film options can be installed on the exterior.

Exterior vs. Interior Window Film Options for Your Nashville Home or Business

Window film, for the most part, is designed to be installed on the inside of your window in order to provide better durability against UV radiation and weather. If you install window film on the exterior of your window, the “back” side of the product will be exposed to all the elements. This results in severe damage and is not covered by any manufacturer warranty. There are some cases where glazing systems are quite intricate and lack access for interior films to be applied. In these cases, some manufacturers produce specialty exterior window films. These are engineered specifically for outdoor installation and will usually come with a five-year warranty. If an exterior application is required, please verify that you’re using the right window film product. Working with a professional window film contractor can help reduce these errors.

Work with Nashville’s Leading Source for Exterior Window Film

Nashville Window Film is honored to be the leading source for exterior window films in the Nashville area. We’ve worked with numerous properties that have special circumstances resulting in the need for exterior film. We have the experience to provide both interior and exterior window film installations.

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